J.P. Morgan MOZAIC Index

J.P. Morgan MOZAIC Index – Fixed Index Annuity

By Cathy DeWitt Dunn

Consistent, steady growth in a variety of market environments

Since it was established in 2009, the J.P. Morgan MOZAIC Index has delivered a 69% higher return than the S&P 500. The Nationwide New Heights® Fixed Index Annuity is driven by the strength of this index, delivering principal guarantee and upside market participation from an A+ rated company.

The J.P Morgan MOZAIC Index delivers:

  • Broad Diversification. The Index utilizes a diversified group of asset classes including equities, fixed income and commodities to provide greater opportunities for growth than a single asset class
  • Positive Momentum. Each month, the Index selects asset classes with the strongest positive momentum to capitalize on proven and persistent performance
  • Volatility Smoothing. The Index proactively rebalances the selected asset classes each month to provide a more stable return

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J.P. Morgan MOZAIC Index Disclaimers:

Fixed indexed annuities are not an investment and do not directly invest in the stock market or any index. The Index cannot be invested into directly, and past performance is not indicative of future results.

The J.P. Morgan MOZAICSM Index (USD) (“JPMorgan Index”) has been licensed to Nationwide Life and Annuity Insurance Company (the “Licensee”) for the Licensee’s benefit. Neither the Licensee nor Nationwide New Heights® Fixed Indexed Annuity (the “Product”) is sponsored, operated, endorsed, sold or promoted by J.P. Morgan Securities LLC (“JPMS”) or any of its affiliates (together and individually, “JPMorgan”). JPMorgan makes no representation and no warranty, express or implied, to investors in or owners of the Product (or any person taking exposure to it) or any member of the public in any other circumstances (each a “Contract Owner”): (a) regarding the advisability of investing in securities or other financial or insurance products generally or in the Product particularly; or (b) the suitability or appropriateness of an exposure to the JPMorgan Index in seeking to achieve any particular objective. It is for those taking an exposure to the Product and/or the JPMorgan Index to satisfy themselves of these matters and such persons should seek appropriate professional advice before making any investment. JPMorgan is not responsible for and does not have any obligation or liability in connection with the issuance, administration, marketing or trading of the Product. The publication of the JPMorgan Index and the referencing of any asset or other factor of any kind in the JPMorgan Index do not constitute any form of investment recommendation or advice in respect of any such asset or other factor by JPMorgan and no person should rely upon it as such. JPMorgan does not act as an investment adviser or investment manager in respect of the JPMorgan Index or the Product and does not accept any fiduciary duties in relation to the JPMorgan Index, the Licensee, the Product or any Contract Owner.

The JPMorgan Index has been designed and is compiled, calculated, maintained and sponsored by JPMorgan without regard to the Licensee, the Product or any Contract Owner. The ability of the Licensee to make use of the JPMorgan Index may be terminated on short notice and it is the responsibility of the Licensee to provide for the consequences of that in the design of the Product. JPMorgan does not accept any legal obligation to take the needs of any person who may invest in a Product into account in designing, compiling, calculating, maintaining or sponsoring the JPMorgan Index or in any decision to cease doing so.

JPMorgan does not give any representation, warranty or undertaking, of any type (whether express or implied, statutory or otherwise) in relation to the JPMorgan Index, as to condition, satisfactory quality, performance or fitness for purpose or as to the results to be achieved by an investment in the Product or any data included in or omissions from the JPMorgan Index, or the use of the JPMorgan Index in connection with the Product or the veracity, currency, completeness or accuracy of the information on which the JPMorgan Index is based (and without limitation, JPMorgan accepts no liability to any Contract Owner for any errors or omissions in that information or the results of any interruption to it and JPMorgan shall be under no obligation to advise any person of any such error, omission or interruption). To the extent any such representation, warranty or undertaking could be deemed to have been given by JPMorgan, it is excluded save to the extent that such exclusion is prohibited by law. To the fullest extent permitted by law, JPMorgan shall have no liability or responsibility to any person or entity (including, without limitation, to any Contract Owners) for any losses, damages, costs, charges, expenses or other liabilities howsoever arising, including, without limitation, liability for any special, punitive, indirect or consequential damages (including loss of business or loss of profit, loss of time and loss of goodwill), even if notified of the possibility of the same, arising in connection with the design, compilation, calculation, maintenance or sponsoring of the JPMorgan Index or in connection with the Product.

The JPMorgan Index is the exclusive property of JPMorgan. JPMorgan is under no obligation to continue compiling, calculating, maintaining or sponsoring the JPMorgan Index and may delegate or transfer to a third party some or all of its functions in relation to the JPMorgan Index.

JPMorgan may independently issue or sponsor other indices or products that are similar to and may compete with the JPMorgan Index and the Product. JPMorgan may also transact in assets referenced in the JPMorgan Index (or in financial instruments such as derivatives that reference those assets). It is possible that these activities could have an effect (positive or negative) on the value of the JPMorgan Index and the Product.

No actual investment which allowed tracking of the performance of the Index was possible before April 17, 2009. Any hypothetical “back-tested” information provided herein is illustrative only and derived from proprietary models designed with the benefit of hindsight based on certain data (which may or may not correspond with the data that someone else would use to back-test the Indices) and assumptions and estimates (not all of which may be specified herein and which are subject to change without notice). The results obtained from different models, assumptions, estimates and/or data may be materially different from the results presented herein and such hypothetical “back-tested” information should not be considered indicative of the actual results that might be obtained from an investment or participation in a financial instrument or transaction referencing the Indices. J.P. Morgan expressly disclaims any responsibility for (i) the accuracy or completeness of the models, assumptions, estimates and data used in deriving the hypothetical “back-tested” information, (ii) any errors or omissions in computing or disseminating the hypothetical “back-tested” information, and (iii) any uses to which the hypothetical “back-tested” information may be put by any recipient of such information.

Each of the above paragraphs is severable. If the contents of any such paragraph is held to be or becomes invalid or unenforceable in any respect in any jurisdiction, it shall have no effect in that respect, but without prejudice to the remainder of this notice.

Disclosure: Indexed annuities are insurance contracts that, depending on the contract, may offer a guaranteed annual interest rate and some participation growth, if any, of a stock market index. Such contracts have substantial variation in terms, costs of guarantees and features and may cap participation or returns in significant ways. Any guarantees offered are backed by the financial strength of the insurance company, not an outside entity. Investors are cautioned to carefully review an indexed annuity for its features, costs, risks, and how the variables are calculated. A fixed annuity is intended for retirement or other long-term needs. It is intended for a person who has sufficient cash or other liquid assets for living expenses and other unexpected emergencies, such as medical expenses. A fixed or indexed annuity is not a registered security or stock market investment and does not directly participate in any stock or equity investments or index.

For informational and educational purposes only. The information contained herein may contain information that is subject to change without notice. Any investments or strategies referenced herein do not take into account the investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any specific person. Product suitability must be independently determined for each individual investor.


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