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Grow your income stream DURING retirement

By Cathy DeWitt Dunn

Imagine if you never got a raise from age 30 to 65.  That’s 35 years –– just about how long most people will enjoy their retirement years.

Zero raises would be unacceptable during your working years. Not getting a raise to fight inflation is just as unacceptable during your retirement years. But, that’s basically what you are signing up for if you settle for an annuity that offers a static guaranteed lifetime income – but no growth component while you are taking income.

In this segment of Safe Money Talk Radio, we feature a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at income and growth annuities with special guest, Dan Slater, FSA, MAAA. Dan is an actuary who has helped design some of the best Income and Growth fixed index annuity options on the market today. Along with Cathy, Dan explores the fixed index annuity options baby boomers have that can “give them a raise” during their retirement years.

Without a doubt, baby boomers need a retirement income solution that grows the income stream over the course of a lifetime to help offset the cost of inflation. That’s why at Annuity Watch USA we focus almost exclusively on Income AND Growth guaranteed retirement solutions…where the income component of your annuity actually increases as you age.

We’d love to talk with you more about whether it makes sense for you to convert a portion of your savings into an income and growth-generating annuity. With thoughtful and careful planning we can help you stop worrying about your retirement security, and instead, focus on enjoying a secure retirement.

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Annuity product guarantees rely on the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing insurer.


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