Baby Boomer Longevity and the Fixed Index Annuity

Baby Boomer Longevity and the Fixed Index Annuity

Cathy DeWitt Dunn explains the advantages of a fixed index annuity for the Baby Boomer generation.

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As baby boomers plan their retirement, they need to begin moving their money from risk to safety. They need high interest rates on their money; however, interest rates on fixed rate annuities are at the lowest in U.S. history.

As insurance companies noticed that baby boomers were not investing as much in immediate, fixed or variable annuities as they had in the past, they asked them why. The baby boomers replied that the immediate annuity was good for an income but it had no death benefit. The fixed annuity gave people a minimum guarantee, but the interest rates were too low. Lastly, the variable annuity was good for people who wanted to participate in the stock market, but there were high fees involved and people’s principal could go down in value.

After hearing these responses, the insurance companies came up with the fixed index annuity, specifically to meet the investment needs of baby boomers. The fixed index annuity eliminated many of the negative features of previous annuities and kept the positive features that people were looking for including:

  • Eliminate market losses,
  • Tax deferred growth,
  • Principal protection and
  • Retirement income that can’t be outlived

A fixed index annuity is a powerful tool with many benefits for baby boomers planning their retirement.

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