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Plan for Retirement With a 5.15% Five-Year Single Premium Deferred Annuity

In the face of uncertainty, economic downturn, and market volatility, having a low-risk vehicle for your savings can be a great option. Now more than ever is a great time to reassess your portfolio and prepare to acclimate to unpredictable conditions and consider a single premium deferred annuity.

For a limited time, we have a multi-year guaranteed annuity with 5.15% of fixed annual growth. You can now take advantage of this single premium deferred annuity through Dallas-based company, DeWitt & Dunn Financial Services.

To help determine if this annuity is the right fit for you, we’ve answered a few key questions below.

Is the interest tax-deferred?

With a generous 5.15% guaranteed annual interest for 5 years, this annuity will protect your principal and reduce losses that can shake retirement confidence. All the interest you earn during your investment period will be tax-deferred. This means that you will pay taxes on the interest earned once the money is withdrawn as income.

What are my payout options in a single premium deferred annuity?

You can choose from a variety of payout options, including:

  1. Withdraw a lump sum after 5 years.
  2. Create an income stream for a fixed number of years – or for life, which guarantees income for as long as you live.

With this added source of reliable income, you can worry less about monthly expenses, and you can better maintain your quality of life during retirement.

What happens if I die?

Your named beneficiaries will inherit funds without having to go through the probate process. If, at the time of your death, you had not elected to take an income stream from your annuity, your beneficiary can choose to receive the death benefit (accumulation value) as one payment or a series of payments.

If your death occurs after income payments have begun, all remaining payments will be paid to your beneficiary.

Plan Your Retirement Future Today

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For many people approaching or in retirement, it’s important to have a strategy to grow your assets, while balancing your exposure to risk. This single premium deferred annuity is one way to earn with more certainty and protect yourself from more market loss.

If you’re interested in learning more, we encourage you to reach out to us! We look forward to the opportunity to help you manage your financial future and meet your retirement goals.

Disclaimer: Rates, terms, and conditions may vary by state and are subject to change without notice. This article is for informational purposes and should not be considered financial or investment advice. Please read complete product information prior to purchase. Insurance products offered through insurance professionals of DeWitt & Dunn, LLC.


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