Interest Rates Rise Bond Values Drop

Interest Rates Rise Bond Values Drop

By Cathy DeWitt Dunn

With the Fed putting the brakes on its economic stimulus package, interest rates are on the rise. If you have bonds in your investment portfolio, you are probably experiencing “the seesaw effect.” Interest rates rise, and bond values drop.

There is no indication that interest rate hikes will be slowing down any time soon, and that is driving baby boomers and older retirees to start unloading their bond holdings. But how are these investors going to replace the income and protection their bonds once offered?

In an article published on, the RetireMentors cite Fixed Index Annuities as an alternative to bond holdings. FIAs offer retirees tax-deferred earnings, long-term income, and protection from downturns in the stock and bond markets. The RetireMentors write, “Given their advantages, fixed-index annuities purchased from highly-rated insurance carriers may provide a suitable alternative for a portion of a bond portfolio…”

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