DeWitt & Dunn Unveils THE ETERNAL NOW

DeWitt & Dunn Unveils THE ETERNAL NOW

By Cathy DeWitt Dunn

THE ETERNAL NOW by Albert ScherbarthDeWitt & Dunn, a Dallas-Fort Worth Leader in Retirement Income Planning Solutions, Unveils THE ETERNAL NOW

Albert Scherbarth creates THE ETERNAL NOWDeWitt & Dunn, a Dallas/Fort Worth-based financial services company, hosted an open house on Thursday, March 31st to celebrate the unveiling of a commissioned art piece. Created by local artist Albert Scherbarth, THE ETERNAL NOW is a wall-mounted sculpture about the comparative nature of time. THE ETERNAL NOW’s forest theme is comprised of 20-plus individual plated metal trees on which dangle tokens personalized by DeWitt & Dunn’s clientele.

“From the first retirement account you open to drawing your first retirement check, there are many decisions and factors that will impact your financial future,” said Cathy DeWitt Dunn, president of DeWitt & Dunn and host of the syndicated radio show, The Financial Hour with DeWitt & Dunn Financial Services. “But through it all runs one central theme: how long you have to plan.

“Unfortunately, conceptualizing what time you have to work with can prove difficult,” said DeWitt Dunn. “We commissioned THE ETERNAL NOW to help our clients visualize their retirement timeline in a beautiful and compelling way.”

Artist Albert ScherbarthUsing a metal press, three color-anodized tokens are personalized per client: one to be hung at their present age, the second placed at the age they wish to retire, and the third––a black disc––placed at the age the individual hopes to live to. The age timeline runs vertically, from younger near the floor to older near the ceiling.

The arrangement of tokens graphically illustrates the time one has to plan, financially, for retirement. It also allows individuals to compare their estimated timelines with others. Over time, the forest accumulates a “cloud” of tokens and becomes the sculpture––ever-evolving and growing.

About the Artist

Albert Scherbarth has lived and worked in the Dallas area for over thirty years, drawing, painting, and sculpturing using steel, wood, concrete, metal, glass and other combinations. Mr. Scherbarth holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Kansas City Art Institute and Master of Fine Art from the University of Dallas.

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