Dan Slater FSA MAAA (Actuary) on Safe Money Talk Radio

Dan Slater FSA MAAA (Actuary) on Safe Money Talk Radio

By Cathy DeWitt Dunn

Actuary Dan Slater, FSA MAAADan Slater is an actuary and income adviser and joins Cathy from time to time on the show to share his experience with annuities and discuss some of the ways to maximize their use in a solid financial plan.

By knowing your retirement options, you can avoid financial pitfalls that can “lock” you into decisions that can impact you and your family’s future. The key to successful financial planning is to educate yourself regarding rates, percentages, and economic conditions so that you can derive the most profit from a retirement plan.

Cathy has hosted the Safe Money Talk Radio Show for over 10 years and uses her expertise in personal financial management to provide guidance to her listeners in building a stronger retirement. She presents strategies that people can use in these challenging financial times to generate more retirement income while protecting their principal and eliminating market loss.

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