Cathy on KDFW Fox 4 Good Day Dallas [Video]

Cathy on KDFW Fox 4 Good Day Dallas

By Cathy DeWitt Dunn

On Cathy’s recent appearance on KDFW Fox 4’s Good Day show, the topic was taxes. Although tax time is something we all dread, there are many new laws and info on taxes that everyone should be aware of.

Preparing our Federal income tax return is something that Americans spend a LOT of time on. In this video clip, Cathy discusses who should use the easy form and thus potentially decrease the amount of time you spend on taxes.

Another topic was something we all fear – IRS audits. Cathy talks about how to avoid audits by double checking your return and making sure that your math is correct. Many audits are triggered by simple math errors. Therefore, audits and penalties could be sidestepped if you make sure that your numbers add up.

Many families could reduce their tax burden by claiming deductions that are often missed by many Americans. Did you know that some of your child care expenses are deductible? What about “elder” care? Another often missed deduction is mileage to and from volunteer work.

After watching the video from the Fox 4 Good Day interview, please feel free to browse the rest of the site for more information on not only this topic, but many financial topics such as retirement planning, fixed index annuities, and much more.

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