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Student Loan Debt & Long-Term Impact [Video]

Student Loans – Dallas Fox 4 News’ Becky Oliver Investigation

Fox 4 News in Dallas takes an in-depth look at the long-term impact of student loan debt. Annuity Watch USA Financial Planner, Cathy DeWitt Dunn contributes to this report.

Student loan debt in America has now surpassed a staggering $1-trillion and is still on the rise. Fox 4 News Investigator, Becky Oliver, shows the devastating effects that student loans can have, not only in the short term, but over years and even decades.

In bankruptcy, credit card debt and even gambling debt may be discharged, but that is not the case with student loans. Your IRS returns, social security payments, disability checks, and even your wages may be garnished to cover student loan payments.

Watch this must-see video for more information.

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