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How to Supercharge Your Retirement Paycheck — All About Payout Rates

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What you need to know about Payout Rates

Discover how this little-known annuity feature can make ALL the difference in your retirement income outlook. Watch now!

A retirement paycheck you cannot outlive is driven by the power of a fixed index annuity. A key component of that power is its payout rate! Fixed index annuities (FIA) offer many retirement planning advantages, delivering the flexibility individuals and families need to live a safer, more secure retirement.

In addition to guaranteed lifetime income, fixed index annuities have a death benefit where any of your remaining principal is passed on to your loved ones, or even your favorite charity. Fixed index annuities also offer a level of financial protection that most anyone can benefit from. Your principal is one hundred percent protected, meaning your nest egg will never lose value even if the stock market does. A fixed index annuity is also designed to provide a minimum growth guarantee for the life of the contract. Your FIA will always earn a baseline fixed interest rate over a fixed term, giving you the positive returns you want and need… all while still allowing you the opportunity to participate in stock market gains!

Fixed indexed annuities with smartly competitive payout rates can be a smart solution for many people, but we don’t want to just tell you that––we want to show you why it works!

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