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The Truth About Annuities

For many, the word “annuity” conjures up visions of evil insurance agents lurking around every corner ready to pounce on little old ladies and their pension funds. It’s a shame that annuities have such a bad rap because not all annuities are created equal. And, given the recent market volatility that has done a number on many people’s retirement savings, fixed index annuities (FIA) deserve a good hard look.

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Annuities Versus the Dow

Did you know that since 1896, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has experience positive yearly gains 73% of the time? Find out how including annuities into your retirement income planning strategy fits in to bull, bear, and side-ways market performance.

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Growth, Income, Flexibility

Our new Growth & Income Plan is designed to show you how to translate your savings into guaranteed lifetime income PLUS an incredible growth component that really puts your money safely to work.

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